Hi there, I’m Becky Hughes, Brand Success Coach and I’m so pleased you’ve found me!

Have you worked with a graphic designer on ‘branding’ but ended up feeling like you never really loved where you landed?

Chances are the process got confusing and you found yourself not really understanding the steps or missing out on essentials you need to set your business up for success? Are you left unsure how to even leverage your brand to actually get traction and results for your business?

Maybe you’re in the process of starting your business and branding is the elephant in the room because you’re not sure where to start or what is right for you? You’ve tried the DIY approach with tools like Canva but can’t quite get your vision down onto paper? Maybe a friend has ‘dabbled’ in graphic design and offered to help but didn’t quite hit the mark, but how do your tell them!?

My ‘no stone unturned’ approach to brand success…

This approach brings everything together in one a*se-kicking process that will see you come out the end…
• Absolutely clear on what your brand story and value is, and how to communicate it
• Passion and pride in your business, with the desire and motivation to dive into it every day
• A beautiful, intentional brand that you and your audience love
• A sense of empowerment that you have actively managed the process and have everything you need to spring into action

I’m Becky, the founder of The Whitespace Method and brand success coach. ‘What’s one of those’ I hear you ask!

Think of it as your brand creation bestie combining the best bits of a business coach, graphic designer and brand consultant into one perfect brand hug!

In my 20 (something) years in brand and design , I’ve found time and time again that business owners struggle to pull together all of the pieces of the branding jigsaw puzzle to make it really work for them and end up feeling non-plussed with the results! It happens ALL. THE .TIME.

Nah, ah. Not on my watch!

That’s why I developed The Whitespace Method. It is the perfect package of everything business owners need to soar!

@ The Whitespace Method 2020