Brand building made simple

Brand building is the difference between you and everyone else.

Whitespace Method will guide you to brand brilliance so you can shine a light on your value, make confident decisions and ensure your perfect people get you, want to know you and importantly, buy from you.

Time to unlock your brand value… how do you want to do this?

Brand sets you apart. It’s fundamental and foundational for any business founder.

But it’s not alchemy, it’s not some secret sauce and it’s not just for the big boys and girls with big wallets.

It’s the unique space that you occupy, the magic you create for your perfect people and the way you bundle that up into one walking, talking, singing, dancing little package that is the essence of you and you alone.

You can work with me to create your own brilliant brand in one or a combination of these 4 ways…


Bite size projects you can do at your own pace to meet your tactical brand needs from naming through to planning your rebrand.

Because sometimes you just need a gap filled pronto without the faff but with an appropriate dose of rigour!


12 weeks access to my ‘Find Your Space’ brand building method. Work through the program to define what makes your brand special, create your unique messaging and confidently brief designers and make creative decisions.


My 12 week ‘Find Your Space’ brand building method delivered live with me to guide you in person and a team of like-minded founders on the journey with you to bounce ideas off, get feedback and keep you on track.


You’ve decided the time is right to invest in your brand; let me, the brand expert, do the brand bit while you focus on your genius zone.

I have limited spaces annually for founders to work one-on-one with me to create, elevate or overhaul your brand for you; from scratch to launch and beyond.

Because if you don’t know where you want to go and why, how the f*#k are you going to get there?

Becky blew us away with the work she did for our rebrand. Her ability to bring to life what was in our heads and hearts and make it so impactful was mind blowing. Alongside this her execution in creating and delivering assets, managing timelines and directing our team went beyond our expectations. She is seriously one of the most impressive people we’ve worked with! She truly got us and this project like no one else.

– Anna Jonak, The Elevatory

Brand is to business what jam is to doughnuts.

You can’t have one without the other. In fact is it even a doughnut without jam? Does it even exist?

The jam is the sweet spot, the sticky delicious centre that keeps you wanting more. And the qualities of that jam are the difference between cheap and unfulfilled to wowed and wooed.

Brand is pretty essential, right?

But it’s also a bit of a minefield? Where do you start, how do you standout, how do you connect with your perfect people and how do you make designs about copy, colour, images and more!

Branding is not something you can wing, it’s not an afterthought and it is so much more than a logo and an insta feed.

So if you want to do brand right – and that means finding, packaging and delivering your unique, can’t be mimicked, special something – you’ve come to the right place.

Becky Hughes Brand Building

I’m Becky, the founder of The Whitespace Method and brand success coach. ‘What’s one of those’ I hear you ask!

Think of it as your brand creation bestie combining the best bits of a business coach, graphic designer and brand consultant into one perfect brand hug!

So often I find that business owners struggle to pull together all of the pieces of the branding jigsaw puzzle to make it really work for them and end up feeling non-plussed with the results! It happens ALL. THE .TIME.

That’s why I developed The Whitespace Method. It is the perfect package of everything business owners need to soar!

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